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Heat Your Hot Water With Solar Energy

Many UK homeowners have Solar PV installed to benefit from greener electricity. But what if we told you that you could also use your Solar PV to benefit from free hot water.

Most homeowners won’t use all of the Solar energy that their Solar PV system generates, leaving a surplus amount being exported back to the Grid. With the average import cost of electricity being 26p/kW, and the average Smart Export Guarantee payment only being 5.6p/kWh, it makes sense to want to use your own solar energy rather than exporting it back to the Grid. By Installing an Immersion Power Diverter you will be able to maximise your Solar energy usage, and even benefit from free hot water.


Immersion diverters are known as many other names, including: Solar PV Optimisers, Power Diverters, Energy Diverters and Immersion Optimisers. Essentially, it allows you to make the most out of your green energy that your Solar Panel generates. This is because, a solar power diverter, has the ability to divert your surplus energy into heating your hot water tank.


  1. Immersion diverters, work by constantly monitoring the amount of electricity your Solar PV System is generating and how much energy your home is demanding. This is monitored through a sensor, connecting between your main meter and consumer unit.

  2. When your home isn’t demanding any energy, and if your solar batteries are full, you will start exporting your energy back to the National Grid. If and when the sensor detects that your Solar PV System is exporting energy to the Grid, the device diverts this flow of energy. Diverting your Solar Energy to power the immersion heater in your hot water tank instead.

  3. This effectively heats your water cylinder for free, using electricity already being generated by your solar PV, reducing the cost you would have otherwise had to pay for fuel to power your boiler.

  4. If your home starts to demand more energy, for example, if you switch on the hoover, the immersion diverter will reduce the amount of energy it is using. This means that your Solar PV System will always prioritise your home’s electricity needs first.


  1. Firstly, as an add on smart device, an immersion diverter doesn't have to be installed at the same time as your Solar Panel System. Making it a great additional investment at any time.

  2. An Immersion diverter allows you to heat your water from free Green energy, reducing your carbon foot print and energy bills.

  3. Not to mention Immersion diverters have a quick return on investment, usually paying for themselves in just 2 years.

  4. Immersion diverters work seamlessly. As soon as you have fitted your immersion diverter and connected it to your Solar PV System, it will start diverting your excess energy. So as a user, you simply have to sit back and reap the rewards.

  5. With an immersion diverter installed it is possible to use 100% of your solar generation, meaning you will have no Green energy waste!

  6. Installing a Solar Power Diverter only takes 30 minutes!

  7. Immersion diverters reduce the use of your boiler, meaning that it can last longer.

  8. Having an immersion diverter installed won't affect your Feed-In-Tariff payments. This is because the Feed-In-Tariff will pay for 50% of the energy you generate, not knowing how much energy you are precisely exporting. So no matter how much you are sending back to the Grid or to heating your hot water, you will still earn the same.

  9. Finally, Solar PV paired with an immersion diverter is a cheaper, more maintenance free alternative to Solar Thermal. With no moving parts, and with an immersion diverter being an affordable add on, using your Solar PV System to heat your water is a reliable option.


Some solar power diverters like the eddi, and iboost have the ability to be compatible with solar batteries. In this case, your Solar PV System will always prioritise charging your battery first. However, if there is any surplus energy left after charging your battery, it will then divert this energy into heating your hot water. Depending on the size of your Solar PV System and Solar Battery, having both an immersion diverter and battery installed may not be worthwhile. As your solar battery is likely to absorb your excess solar. Nonetheless, this is where a survey is important. By booking in a free solar assessment, the team here at Distrikt Energy will be able to design a custom Solar PV System that works around your energy usage. A system that will maximise your energy savings. These assessments are completely free, and come with a free design and survey.


In order to install an immersion diverter in your home, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Have your own method of generating energy on-site. Such as a Solar PV or Wind Turbine Installed.

  • A conventional boiler and hot water cylinder system.

  • The distance between your water tank and utility meter must be less than 30m.

  • Your energy usage must not exceed the amount of energy you are generating. As there must be a source of surplus energy in order for an immersion diverter to work.

Here at Distrikt Energy we are able to provide a remote assessment, to calculate just how much you could save from installing an immersion diverter alongside a Solar PV system. Call us on 0141 374 0508 or simply click Contact Us to fill out our short form, to get connected to a Solar Energy expert.

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