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Go green and reduce your commercial energy costs with a Solar PV Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

At Distrikt Energy we are committed to helping businesses achieve their net-zero goals by providing a free, fully maintained solar PV system with a long-term Power Purchase Agreement.

A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is a long-term agreement between a renewable developer and a consumer for the purchase of energy at a fixed, contracted price. With the help of our funding partners, we will fund the entire solar PV system including all equipment and installation allowing your business to reap the benefits of on-site fixed-price green energy whilst preserving your business capital.

No upfront costs or ongoing fees means that opting for a power purchase agreement your business could make savings from day one and continue to benefit for the full term of the agreed term. Once the agreed term ends, ownership of the system transfers to you and your business can enjoy free solar electricity for the remaining life of the system (c. 10 years +).

Energy Price Protection

Our Power Purchase Agreements are locked into retail price index, so our clients are protected from long term energy price increases and volatility. We install your solar at zero cost to you and you pay for the power consumed at prices locked in for the term of the agreement.

A Positive Message

Installing on-site renewable generation is not only a good financial decision it is a way for your business to send a positive message about it’s commitment to fight climate change.

- Technology that brings you closer to zero carbon

- Long term financial planning with locked in rates

- Expert advice and project management

- Potential savings with flexible terms

- Single point of contact with full transparency

- Partner with an established investment company

Everything you need to know to make an informed decision:

Is our roof suitable for solar panels?

At the start of each project, we will visit the site to meet with you and conduct a detailed feasibility study which will identify the best potential rooftops for solar development.

How will the project construction affect our business?

We will endeavour to collaborate to create an installation program that causes minimum disruption to your business. Depending on the final site size installation typically takes up to 2-6 weeks.

What happens if the solar PV system breaks down or develops a fault?

We are responsible for the operation and maintenance of the plant throughout the project life cycle. In the event of a fault, we will ensure the appropriate team is in place to rectify the fault returning the plant to full production.

What happens if we move or sell our property?

If you move or sell your property, there are 2 options. Either you can novate the agreement to the new occupant of the property or pay a buyout fee.

What happens when there is no sunlight?

As part of the PPA, you only pay for the energy supplied. Solar technology is becoming increasingly efficient to continue generating on days where there is little sunlight.

How are solar panels fixed to my roof? Will they cause damage?

There are various methods of fixing the panels to rooftop spaces including methods where the roof does not require penetration. Following site assessment and detailed design the final fixing method will be decided to best suit the needs of your business operation.

What happens at the end of the fixed PPA term?

At the end of the PPA agreement, the entire system will be transferred to your business for £1. At this stage the plant will still hold value and be operational for up to 10 years.

Do I need to wait until my existing energy contract ends before switching?

No, you can generally start receiving your Solar PV energy immediately alongside your existing connection.

How long does a PPA last?

We can propose a variety of PPA terms ranging generally from 20 to 30 years in length.

Your single point of contact throughout the partnership

The Distrikt Energy Renewable Developments team have significant experience within the renewables industry across development, construction, and management of renewable energy assets.

Contact us today to see how a solar PPA could work for your business.

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